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Professional Golf Lessons

Swaders Gold Academy offers one-on-one golf lessons with award-winning PGA Pro Rick Schuller to those who prefer the privacy and attention that only an individual lesson can provide. Rick Schuller has the knowledge and experience from years of professional golfing and can help players of all ages and skill levels to improve their swings and meet their individual goals.

How the Lessons work

Each lesson is tailored to the specific needs of the student to maximize their progress in the time frame they desire.  Whether you are looking for full time lessons or maybe just need a quick reminder, Swaders and Rich Schuller have something to offer you. Swaders Sports Park offers single lessons that can be booked by the half hour or the hour or a savings package which includes booking short series of either three or five lessons consecutively.

Individual Lesson Rates: Rick Schuller, PGA

$40 ……… 1/2 Hour
$50 ……… 1/2 Hour video lesson
$80 ………. 1 Hour
$90 ………. 1 Hour video lesson
$110 …….. Series of 3 half hour lessons
$180 …….. Series of 5 half hour lessons
$25 ………. 1/2 Hour for juniors 12 & under

***All prices include range ball***

Professional Group Golf Lessons

Swaders Sports Park offers group lessons for anyone who wants to learn gold at the hands of a professional. We can accommodate groups as small as two and as large as eight in order to best meet your needs. If you would like an intimate lesson with some of your golfing friends, or an introduction to golfing for the whole family, we have a lesson package for you.

Our group lessons are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each patron, members of the lesson group can range in both age and skill level so bring whoever you may like even if they are beginners. Everyone can benefit with the group lesson package and it is a considerable savings.

Group Lesson Rates: Rick Schuller, PGA
(Price Per Student)
2 students …….$25 Half Hour …… $50 Hour
3-4 students ….$20 Half Hour …… $50 Hour
5-6 students ….$15 Half Hour …… $30 Hour
7-8 students ….$10 Half Hour …… $25 Hour
***All prices include range ball***

Professional Golfing Clinics in Richmond VA

Swaders Sports Park offers a variety of professionally taught golfing clinics that are broken down by age, gender and skill level. These clinics provide a fun, low-stress introduction to the rules and strategies of the sport and, of course, the essentials of the golf swing.

Our clinic consists of five hour long sessions that are taken over a period of five weeks. During each session, students meet in their peer group with professional Rick Schuller, and work on the core techniques of the sport. Upon completion of the beginner-level clinic, the student has the option to continue on to a second, more advanced clinic. The clinic has given them a firm foundation on which, with practice, they can build a truly impressive game.

Golf Clinic Rates: Rick Schuller, PGA  ($100 due at enrollment)

  • Beginning Juniors
  • Advanced Juniors
  • Beginning Ladies
  • Ladies
  • Beginners
  • Men

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