Through the manufacturer’s recommendation, the go kart track must close if temperatures drop below 40 degrees!!

OUR CARTS ARE RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outdoor Go-Kart Tracks

At Swaders, we offer not one but two Go-Kart tracks, and four different cars to choose from. So no matter how many times you want to ride, there’s always something new.

The Single-Seater Jaz Kart—$9 per ride

This Single-Seater Jaz Kart features racing-style harnessed bucket seats and an aerodynamic rear spoiler to cut down wind resistance and maximize your speed. Drivers must be at least 54″ tall.

The 2-Seater Jaz Kart—$9 per ride 

This 2-Seater Kart is perfect for drivers who want to partner up or for adults who have kids that aren’t tall enough to drive yet. Driver must have a valid drivers license. Rider must be 36” tall.

The Rookie Kart—$9 per ride

To ensure the safety of our youngest drivers, the rookie kart is slightly slower, and can only be operated when all the other karts on the track are also Rookie Karts. There is a 48” height requirement.

The Slick Track Wedge—$9 per ride 

The Slick Track Wedge offers a completely different kind of excitement! A more powerful engine, sleek design and short oval track make this the ultimate thrill ride! And wider tires, aerodynamic body trim and rear spoiler help give you the best drifting ride anywhere. Driver must possess a valid drivers license and be at least 60” tall.


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