Melissa Collier

Melissa Collier

January 15th, 2024 by user

Just checking to see if date is available and what the cost would look like with the selections that were made. Looking to do the KidZone for the Attractions choice.

Are we allowed to bring outside drinks? Like a case of water?

Thank you for the help!

Name: Melissa Collier

Date of enevts: 01st 01 1970

Number of Participating Guests: 10

Number of Non-Participating Guests: 10

Event Type: Birthday

Name of school or Club/Organization: 2024/02/10

Guest of Honor: Tate Collier

Date of Birth: 01st 01 1970

Gender of guests: Boy

Choose a Party: Classic Party Package

Food Choices: Pepperoni Pizza - One Slice Per Child

Drink Choices: Pink Lemonade, Water

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